Hoboken Cove Master Plan

Hoboken, NY

Hoboken Cove is a private sector led redevelopment effort in partnership with the City of Hoboken and New Jersey Transit. The master plan is organized around the reconstruction of a former industrial cove at the city's north end. The cove becomes the new address for the entire uptown area. The redevelopment proposes 4,000,000sf of mixed uses including office, residential and retail uses and cultural and community facilities.


The influence of the waterfront extends into the existing city fabric with an open space network that ties everything together. Covering a water area the same size as Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a marina, new piers, historic boat anchors, kayak launches, paddle boats and restaurants on barges create an active water plan. The end of the pier is an one-acre performance park where a floating stage can dock with the view of midtown Manhattan as a backdrop.