Passaic River Communities Plan

Passaic, NJ

The area for the Communities Plan encompasses 4 counties,14 cities and 17 miles of toxic water and degraded shoreline along the Passaic River in New Jersey.  The objective of this study was to identify options within the "out-of-river" elements to support and improve upon the "in-water" remediation methods proposed by the EPA.

The study identified and mapped key issues and examined existing conditions in terms of access to the river, river crossings, potential commercial centers at transit hubs, ecological corridors, commercial and recreational uses of the river, demographics, and social equity, and the physical condition of the river bank.

Twelve actions were identified and mapped to best achieve the goals of community benefits, potential Natural Resource Credits, enhanced natural recovery, and institutional controls. Next steps were defined for creating a unified and cohesive vision of the entire Lower Passaic River, integrating public outreach in order to build consensus for the vision.



This project was completed by Jonie Fu as Director of Urban Design while at AECOM.